Unstoppable Performance: RIDGID Tools Thrive in Dirt, Mud, and Extreme Environments

In 1923, RIDGID  invented the modern pipe wrench. Since then, RIDGID has made a mission to build for the world’s expert tradespeople – those who know the limits of the job and how to exceed them. RIDGID tools operate in extremes of heat and cold, withstand dirt and mud, and perform reliably day in and day out. These tools are also known the world over as industry-leading products that allow professionals like you to complete jobs more quickly and reliably.

We honour the strength and spirit of those past, present and future who proudly choose RIDGID. From manufacturing purpose-built tools that can be passed down for generations to innovating for those who push the limits of the job-site, everything we do comes back to building the future of the trades.

We are proud to share experience over the past 100 years — and get ready for what’s next.

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