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Our company is based in ‘city of Joy’ Kolkata, eastern India and supplies across the nation.

We serve to a broad spectrum of industries, spanning Oil & Gas, Offshore Exploration Drilling, Mining, Port & Docks, Aerospace, Military-Defense, Navy, Aviation, Healthcare, Hotel-Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, Power & Renewable Energy. Our expertise extends to industrial projects, plant maintenance, as well as the upkeep of hotels and hospitals.

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Trusted, Recognised, and Certified Professional Hand Tools to meet efficiency, confidence and rapidly changing needs in todays environment.

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Please provide us the required information so that the quotation can be consequently adjusted in order to meet your specific needs.
  • Where will the equipment be used ? In your workshop or on site?
  • Range of diameters you need to cover ?
  • Range of wall thickness of the tubes ?
  • Which material(s) do you want to machine?
  • Number of tubes to cut / bevel (production rate to respect) ?
  • What type of motorization do you prefer: pneumatic, hydraulic?
  • Lubrication required ?
  • Are there any other elements we have to consider?
  • Is a specific clamping (outside or inside clamping) recommended or wanted?
  • Is there a free access around the tubes or pipes ? or is there any space limitation ?
  • In which environment will the equipment be used? (for example in an irradiated area, chemical environment, in an environment where an electrical machine is prohibited to be used as in refineries)
  • Do you also need to machine elbows? If yes, what are the straight lengths available to clamp the equipment ?
  • What is the bevel geometry / profile to perform?

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How does the RIDGID lifetime service agreement work?

    All RIDGID Tool products come with an automatic 3-year limited manufacturer warranty. The Lifetime Service Agreement (LSA) is a promotional program (that applies to eligible product categories) upon registration completion.

    • Will the UPC (Universal Pipe Cutter) cut steel?

    Yes! As of January 2009, we have two blades that cut steel and PE very well.

    • I am not familiar with Sawyer products and would like to see the products in use.

    Sawyer Mfg Co. has an official YouTube channel where we post product videos, demos, and other helpful videos.

    Our videos can help you make more informed decisions about which equipment will best meet your needs and get a better sense of what to expect when using Sawyer Mfg. Company’s products.

    • What is the difference between Sawyer and the brand I am using today?

    Sawyer equipment has been the industry standard for over 60 years. A few key differences set our products apart.

    • Sawyer Products have full circle travel rings. This allows for a smoother cut/bevel and helps to avoid irregularities caused by the use of partial circle travel rings
    • Sawyer Products have fully enclosed gear boxes. This helps prevent mud, grime, and rocks from damaging the gears while working in the field.
    • Quality materials and construction – Sawyer products are made from only high quality materials and are manufactured and assembled in our facility in Tulsa, OK USA.
    • Sawyer products have over 60 years of field-proven reliability – we regularly see machines that come in for adjustment that are over 20 years old!
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