Drain Cleaning Tools

Backed by RIDGID for a Lifetime

Drag them out of a truck, down the stairs or up a ladder: our drain cleaning tools can take it. We’ve stood by professionals (and our products) for decades, getting more plumbers from apprenticeship to retirement than any other brand.

Hand tools, sink machines, Drum/Sectional machines to Jetters

For several decades, the skilled trades have relied on RIDGID® drain cleaning products, which include hand tools, washbasin machines, drum/sectional machines and jetters, to provide dependable performance.

Drain Cleaning Corded Machines

We are known for offering the most advanced Drain Cleaning Corded Machines on the market, and we offer multiple of them to pick from. Owing to the excellent raw materials utilized in its construction, the product is provided guarantees outstanding function and a longer durability. Furthermore, we perform this at the best price in order to provide our clients the maximum amount of satisfaction.

Sink Machine

The supplied Sink Machine is produced in line with market norms and demands, so its level of quality never degrades. Widely acknowledged for its outstanding efficiency, prolonged duration, and outstanding resilience, the machine being given an outstanding reputation and appreciated in this sector. Moreover, the service is given to clients at the most reasonable cost.

Sectional Machines

We are recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of these excellent sectional machines in the sector. We apply the most effective raw materials readily accessible and adhere to existing industry standards in order keep its quality. Because of this, the product has outstanding results and remains cost-effective and simple to use.

Industrial Drum Machines

Features that make it easier for plumbers to get to and from the job site are included in the patented RIDGID drain cleaner instruments and solutions.
Transport carts with integrated stair climbers for simple loading and unloading and jobsite mobility. Strong AUTOFEED® Assembly for easy and rapid cable retrieval and advancement. Quick-Change Drum is simple to turn on and off and doesn’t require any tools.

Hand Spinner

Being one of the largest businesses in the sector, we manufacture and supply Straight Pipe Wrenches. The wrenches that provide support are used to turn products by putting in torque and offering grip. The finest metal used to make these wrenches is sourced from a firmly established vendor base. The wide range of wrenches offered is abrasion and corrosion resistant.

Water Jetting Machines

Pressure washers, or water jetting devices, are made by Ridgid and are intended for a variety of uses. For jobs including surface cleaning, industrial cleaning, drain cleaning, and cleanup of construction sites, these tools use high-pressure water. Features like pressure settings that can be adjusted and a variety of nozzles for various tasks are available in Ridgid models. Wearing personal protection equipment when operating is one of the safety considerations that should be followed, as detailed in the user manual.

FlexShaft®  Drain Cleaning Machine

A powerful and versatile equipment for effective drain cleaning is the Ridgid FlexShaft® Drain Cleaning Machine. It navigates through pipes using a flexible cable that is protected by a sheath, successfully removing stubborn blockages like grease and roots. The equipment increases productivity when cleaning drains and is straightforward to use. When operating, users should adhere to the safety precautions listed in the handbook.

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