Diagnostics Equipment

Renowned manufacturer from Kolkata offers digital recording monitor with wi-fi, inspection camera monitor, standard camera video inspection system, compact video inspection system, and video inspection system for industrial use.

When it comes to durability, pushability, and user-friendliness, RIDGID® SeeSnake® and SeekTech® diagnostic, inspection, and locating tools set the standard in the industry.

Laser distance metres, beneath the surface line locators, diagnostic and inspection tools, micro combustible gas detectors, cable and pipeline locators, and line locators are just a few of the many diagnostic tools that we offer.

Digital Recording Monitor With Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connectivity, dual battery operation, and a large display are all features of the RIDGID® SeeSnake® CS12x Monitor. designed to facilitate more efficient work on the job site—not more labor.

Features: Expanded Connectivity – Use the free HQx Live companion app to stream or record inspections to an iOS or Android phone or tablet.
Storage Option: Record video and take pictures straight to a USB device.
Dual Battery Power: To provide the longest runtime possible at the task site, two batteries can be attached.
Large 12.1″” Display Measuring 12.1″ and sporting a 1024×768 pixel resolution, the enhanced high contrast display is legible in broad daylight.
More Powerful Processor: Provides rapid performance and a short startup time.

Mini Video Inspection System

The SeeSnake Mini video inspection system offers outstanding trustworthiness and performance because to its ruggedized design.

This system now has a reliable self-levelling camera head option. Ideal for limited spaces, rooftops, multi-story buildings, etc. Clear, accurate, and consistently upright in-pipe images are provided by the self-levelling camera head.

Several challenging jobsites’ challenging circumstances are handled by the sturdy metal frame and drum.

Push Cable: It can push deeper and handle a range of lateral and mainline applications.

Standard Camera Video Inspection System

“SeeSnake video inspection systems provide unparalleled performance and dependability in a ruggedized design. Every system provides:

For consistently upright photos, use either the self-levelling cameras or the regular SeeSnake camera.
For maximum durability, choose a camera head spring assembly made of 100% hardened stainless steel. Robust, powerful lights with a long lifespan and excellent sight.
Flexible transmitters work with RIDGID® locators and simplify location.
Works with any SeeSnake recorder or monitor.

1-2″ to 12-1/2″ (5-30 cm) up to 325′ (99 m) in lines.
This device is perfect for a variety of inspection applications because to its wide pipe diameter capacity range.”

Inspection Camera Monitor

The SeeSnake DVDPak2 Monitor provides effective monitor and record inspections in the most difficult conditions. 

Features: Lightweight and small design that makes it easier than ever to stow your monitor while carrying the equipment to the location.
Incredible DVD Burning Dependability: removes ambiguity about which DVDs to use and how to finish them correctly.

100% Weatherized Design: highly durable for workplaces. Power supplied by an optional lithium-ion battery permits to record inspections wherever AC power doesn’t seem accessible.

Digital Recording Monitor

The best-designed digital recording monitor that is on the sector has been paired with longevity in the CS10 Monitor.

By one touch recording, you can record videos and images instantly to a USB stick, Digitally record to a USB stick in a format that can read on a computer by the customer you serve.

12.1Daylight Readable Display allows for easy to remain in track of and record inspections in bright exterior scenarios.
Using a RIDGID® locator, you can detect the reel push cable via integrated line tracing (requires a RIDGID transmitter).
Take images, record full-frame video, and save it in a compact Auto-log video format (small files) with multi-mode recording.
Software Integration: Provide your assessments in a range of formats, from network to DVD, with SeeSnake HQTM.

Camera System

Great performance in a sturdy, little package. The Compact2 has a 1″ (25 mm) self-levelling camera head, a sonde, and a 100′ (30 m) push cable. It is intended to examine lines measuring 1.5″ to 6″ (40 mm to 150 mm).

CCU docking mechanism with quick release for quick and effective task setup. Adaptable push cable to facilitate navigating through plenty tight corners. Self-levelling camera offers a constant, clear, and sharp in-pipe image.

Cable & Pipeline Locator

In order to meet our clients’ expanding requirements, we supply Seek Tech Utility Line Locators. With the goal to provide exact and current information, our locator is fitted with an accurate mapping system, target line, left-right guide arrow, and proximity signals. Also, it offers user-defined frequencies that can get adjusted.

Micro Combustible Gas Detectors

We specialize in offering our clients with Micro Combustible Gas Detectors. Our delivered detector uses cutting-edge technology to provide the active presence of dispersed gas in a particular setting. The chemical, petroleum, and gas sectors all make extensive use of this particular gas detector to identify gas leaks. Its cost-effective design allows us to completely meet the demands of our clients.

Line Locators

RIDGID is one of the biggest manufacturers in this industry, supplying Line Locators to our clients. This locator features with a powerful built-in receiver that can quickly and efficiently provide any locate-related information. likewise, this simple instrument assists with accurate target line identification.

Laser Distance Meters

We have built up an excellent reputation in this market via offering an excellent range of Laser Distance Meter. This meter’s crisp and simple-to-read LCD visual display is created possible by the integration of ultra-sharp Class II lasers and cutting-edge laser technology. It quickly provides accurate data in feet, inches, or meters.

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