What are the different types of tool trolleys and workshop equipment?

Arizona Tools Company offers a wide variety of empty and filled trolley tool sets as well as workshop equipment.  A tool trolley is great storage equipment on wheels which will make the job a lot easier and functional for plumbers, mechanics, electricians, or professionals who use tools.  In today’s world of customization, a new range of workshop equipment is offered where the emphasis is on quality, design modularity and an organized workstation. 

Our blog today, covers the different tool trolleys & workshop equipment offered by world renowned brands as Egamaster from Spain and Beta from Italy.  You can find them on our website www.aztc.in 

BETA from Italy is over 50 years old and specializes in automotive range of tools, trolleys, and workshop equipment.  There range of tools are sold all over the world and cover almost all verticals of engineering.  Aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, and clean room application, BETA tools are found in almost all industries. 

BETA trolleys and workshop equipment, they are made with precision and excellence.  The durability and ample space allow for the tools to be stored effectively and efficiently.  The trolleys also provide accessories such as thermofed trays to retain tools in individual slots there by reducing chances of pilferage or loss.

Egamaster, a brand from Spain is a premium industrial tools manufacturer.  It offers a complete one-stop solution based on continuous innovation that significantly improves safety and efficiency.  A wide range of toolkits with pre-configured are available at Egamaster.  

Egamaster offers multiple varieties of trolleys such as aluminum tool case, plastic boxes with wheels. ABS stackable tool cases.  

In addition, Egamaster has introduced various methods of tracking tools in its trolley.  Some of them are.

Bi Colored EVA Foam tray-All tools perfectly fit their position in the tray, while missing tools can be easily and quickly identified at first sight. 

Customized EVA Tray design-If the standard EGA Master sets do not match your tool set requirements, just inform us about your personal selection, and we will customize bi-colored foam trays manufacture for you.

Lazer Etching- EGA Master can laser mark your tools with different logos or division numbers, perfectly identifying which specific tool belongs to which company, division, or team, avoiding common mix-ups.

Tool Tracking Software– EGA Master also offers a unique stock control system, that control which tool is taken from or returned to the stock, and who is in possession of each tool at every moment. This is done through the specifically developed “EGAhttps://aztc.in/brands/egamaster-tools/ware” tool control software. This management tool creates a tool control consciousness among users, reducing tool loss by over 90%. 

If you need a quotation or further information on any of the above tool control systems write to us at info@aztc.in, do not hesitate. 

Tool Control System Rollet Cabinets to control the tools-In face of the risks and costs that the loss of tools generates,

Egamaster has developed a range of smart roller cabinets to control the tools. These will allow us to have the tool located at all times, reducing the costs associated with the loss thereof by up to 90%. In addition, it will provide a robust system for FOD (risk of forgetting tools in sensitive sites), such as in aeronautical maintenance.

Simply select the TCS roller cabinet you want, the tools that would be included in it, and Egamaster will configure both trays and software in a customized way. The prices of the roller cabinets do not include the tools, which will be invoiced separately depending on the composition requested. The roller cabinets presented include roller cabinets with tools, bi-colored trays customized, tool control software, tool control hardware, data upload.

In conclusion, a wide range of empty as well as filled Tool trolleys sets and workshop equipment, with the features of durability, quality, technology, and certification, we supply all over India and SAARC region. For more details, please visit our website www.aztc.in.

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