Pipe Vises

Attention plumbers, contractors, and engineers! Tired of struggling with pipes that wobble during work? It’s time to level up with our game-changing Pipe Vise. Arizona Tools Company highly recommend it to increase your productivity.

Our pipe vises are patented, light-weighted , available in both standard and regular shapes.

It supports holding and cutting operations.  This is a great product for users in fab shops, oil field work shops and pipe/plumbing industry.

The wide selection of pipe vises designed to work together are tripod pipe vises, pipe jacks, field pipe vises, yoke pipe vises, open-sided pipe vises.

Take a look at some of the vises we offer.

FeaturesTripod Type Pipe JacksField TypeOpen-Sided Yoke Type
Pipe  Capacity1/8”- 6”28” – 49”2” – 20”11”-5/8”1/8”-12”
Transportability Easy to transport  
Used for Plastic and soft material pipes.Steel or iron pipes, copper and iron pipes.Metal pipes (such as steel, iron, or aluminium),PVC pipes, copper pipes.
VersatilityCan hold pipes of various sizes and shapesThree adjustable heads accommodate different shaped pipes.Adjustable jaws allow a wide range of pipe diameters.Rotating head provides easy position of pipe at any diameter.Double-faced lower jaws allows reversal before replacement.
Sectorplumbing and pipefitting sectors.Construction, pipe fitting, plumbing, mechanical engineeringWelding and Fabrication, Construction, pipe fitting, plumbing,Welding and Fabrication, Construction, pipe fitting, plumbing,Automotive repair, Welding Construction, pipe fitting, plumbing,
Ideal forIdeal for high torque workIdeal for elevation, holding & positioning the pipe.securing and working on pipes in remote or outdoor locations.Top of Form Adaptability, convenience, positioning accessibility of pipesIdeal for holding, cutting, threading of pipes.
Video link for demonstrationR450PAL Portable Pipe Vise Tripod Demo (YouTube)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjXYZAYUYi8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_o_L7qT1zI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7GU9ACgnaY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOF4bcuCQWc 
For greater capacity, custom -made vises can be offered upon special request. Ask today!
Visit www.aztc.in Write: info@aztc.in or call/wa/viber @  +91 98300 30618

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