ARIZONA TOOLS COMPANY is a leading Engineering hand tools solution provider.  Our company is based in ‘city of Joy’ Kolkata, eastern India and supplies across the nation.

We have been serving to all industries including Oil & Gas, Off-shore Exploration Drilling,Mining, Port & Docks, Aerospace, Military-Defense, Navy, Aviation, Healthcare, Hotel- Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, Power & Renewable Energy, for Industrial Projects, Maintaining Plants, Maintenance of Hotels & Hospitals.

Some of the key brands we distribute is:

  • AQUABOTIX (USA): Manufacturer of revolutionary smart, small, and easily deployable technology for the underwater domain.
  • BETA (ITALY): Manufacturer of Inox-Stainless Steel Non-Corrosion Tools & Stainless- Steel Tools & Trolley.
  • EGA MASTER (SPAIN): Specialist in hand tool and safety tool solutions for a wide range of industries i.e. BAM-Certified- Non Sparking Tools, 1000V – Insulated Tools, Non Magnetics Tools, Safety -ATEX Certified Devices..
  • GEDORETORQUE LTD (UK): Manufacturer of Torque Tools i.e. Torque Wrenches, Dial- Type Torque Wrenches, Torque Screwdrivers, calibration Analysers.
  • GEARENCH (USA): Tool manufacturing for oil and gas drilling and production, refineries, pipeline construction, mining, power generation and more.
  • MATHEY DEADMAN (USA): Manufacturer of Pipe Cutting & Bevelling Equipments, Cold Cutting Equipments, Pipe Alignments, Pipe Lifter Tools.
  • MASTO: Manufacturer of Wire Robe Lubricator.
  • SCUBA PRO : Manufacturer of all Diving Equipments.
  • PROTEM (FRANCE) : Manufacturer of portable machining, cutting and welding equipment.
  • RIDGID (USA): Manufacturer of innovative tools for pipe and plumbing tools.
  • REALWEAR HMT-1 (USA): Manufacturer of World’s First Hands-free Android Tablets-Head Mounted Wearable Computer for Industrial & Inspection Uses (Certified for ATEX ZONE)
  • SAWYER MFG (USA):  Specialised in designing and manufacturing of pipeline equipment and accessories.
  • SEALIFE UNDERWATER CAMERA (USA): Manufacturer of underwater cameras, lighting, lenses and accessories.
  • UNDERWATER KINETICS (USA): Manufacturer of waterproof cases, rugged cases, certified lights and other accessories for the utility, industrial, fire, government & dive industries.
  • USIA (Under Sea Industrial Apparel) USA: Wet / Dry and Thermal Suits and Bags.
  • OTHERS ITEMS: Scubapro School Kits, Scuba Diving Kits, Regulator Sets, Compressors, Tanks & Valves & X-deep and more.

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