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Type of Drain Cleaning Machines
Toilet/Urinal Auger

Combination Auger provides an all-in-one solution for removing blockages fromurinals and shower drains.

  • Dual Power Operation – provides additional power necessary for removing toughobstructions.
  • Telescoping Design – provides additional cable length needed to remove obstructionsfurther down the line.
  • “C” Cutter Head – ideal for breaking up hard blockages.
  • Left Hand Wound Cable – strengthens cable and prevents sinking.

High quality tools in 3′ (1 m) and 6′ (2 m) lengths provide fast and safe clearing of toilet obstructions.

  • Vinyl guard to protect porcelain.
  • New durable, kink-resistant, 1/2″ (12.7 mm) compression-wrapped Inner Core Cable.
  • Large, ergonomically designed handles.
  • Negotiate water-conserving toilets.

The professional’s choice for many years, the Model K-25 Hand Spinner offers premiumquality. It’s the ideal tool for the user who demands the best.

  • Premium-quality, precision machined, 3-jaw chuck to firmly secure cable. Releases cablewith the flick-of-the-wrist.
  • Cast aluminum ribbed hand grip that won’t slip in your hand.
  • Works through traps and bends in sinks, tubs, drinking fountains, lavatories, urinals, vent pipes.
  • Ideal for users seeking excellent performance and value.
  • Open drum design that permits access to cable and allows application of Cable Rust Inhibitor.
  • Clears up to 11/2″ (40 mm) lines.
  • Pull trigger and turn handle, or add any variable speed (left / right) chuck drill machine for extra power.
  • Cable self-feeds down drain.
  • No mess. Hands don’t touch cable.
  • Equipped with 1/4″ (6.3 mm) x 25″ (7.6 m) MAXCORE® cable with bulb auger.
  • Clears up to 11/2″ (40 mm) lines.
  • Comfortable hand grip eases effort.
  • Equippedwith 1/4″ x 25″ (6.3 mm x 7.6 m) MAXCORE® cable with bulb auger.
  • Two-wayAUTOFEED® keeps hands and work area clean.
Sink Machines

The  sits flat on the floor or countertop and also tips onto its back for easy access to sink

drains and bathtubs full of water. The K-40 practically eliminates job site cleanup thanks to

the patented Guide Hose two-way AUTOFEED®. It completely contains the rotating cable and

eliminates any waste water splashing or spraying.

  • 175 W induction motor quietly delivers enough torque to clear even the toughestblockages.
  • Premium-quality, compression-wound inner core cable combines strength and flexibility toresist kinking.
  • Two-piece “twist lock” drum housing will not dent or corrode and allows easy access tothe inner drum and cable.
  • Special inner drum design virtually eliminates cable flip-over inside the drum and drumleakage.
  • Two-way AUTOFEED advances and retrieves the drain cleaning cable with a simple pushof a lever keeping you and the work area clean.
  • Excellent for small line cleaning. Opens clogged lavatory, sink lines, urinals, and tub/ shower drains.
  • Advanced two-way AUTOFEED® keeps hands and work area clean – advances & retrieves cable with push of a lever.
  • Manual Version has a slide action chuck for quick locking/releasing of cable (Not availablein Europe).
  • Lightweight, easy-to-use, no setup required.
  • Variable speed power unit rotates cable 0-600 RPMs.
  • Two-piece twist lock canister with interchangeable inner drum – Makes cable changeoutsimple; easy to match the right cable for the job.
  • Inner drum prevents water leaks and greatly reduces cable flip-over inside the drum.
  • Drums won’t rust or dent-ever.
  • Drum Capacity: 50′ (15 m) of 5/16″ (8 mm) or 35′ (11 m) of 3/8″ (10 mm).
  • Includes RIDGID® drain cleaning gloves and operator’s manual.
  • Approved by CSA to CSA and UL Standards (115Vonly).
  • A powerful, easy to transport, versatile machine for cleaning indoor drains. Requires minimal set-up to clean sink lines, floor drains and roof vents.
  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant molded cable drum won’t dent or rust. The drum tilt adjusts for proper cable feed angle. Inner-drum guards against cable flip-over inside the drum.
  • Powerful, self-contained machine ideal for lateral lines. Easy to transport, minimal set-up– attach a tool and go.
  • AUTO FEED advances, retrieves cable with a push of a lever, up to 20′ (6m) per minute.
  • Tough, corrosion-resistant cable drum withstands harsh treatment and abuse. It will not dent or corrode and cleans easily.
  • Well-balanced design gives machine a lightweight “feel.” Transport wheels ease loading into service truck/van.
  • The performance, cable control, durability, and maneuverability demanded by professionalusers. Ideal for any tough job, such as roots – up to 250′ (76 m).
  • Provides audible and visual signals to operator.
  • Main and inner drums won’t rust, split or dent – ever, and clean easily for professionalappearance.
  • Main drum holds up to 100′ (30.5 m) of 3/4″ (20 mm) cable or 125′ (38 m) of 5/8″ (16 mm) cable.
  • Two position stair climber eases transport and loading – eliminates extra cost for loadingwheels.
  • Narrow profile allows machine to fit through bathroom doors.
  • Handles adjust to desired height to ensure balanced transport.
  • Ideal for rooftop vent stacks. Rear handle allows for easy transporting up ladders and onto rooftops.
  • Remove only two bolts to access jaw set for cleaning or replacement. Removal of same
  • bolts provides access to belt drive.
  • Equipped with 1/2 HP motor.
  • CSA approved.
  • The finest all-around sewer and drain cleaning machine. One man can easily clean the
  • heaviest blockages – indoors or out. High-speed cleaning gets the job done faster…better.
  • Wheels to the job site – sets up fast, cleans up fast.
  • Low-profile “B” frame design will fit most crawl spaces, loads and unloads from truck
  • easily. Upright “A” frame features cable carrier storage during transport, ideal for in-house
  • applications.
  • Equipped to run, easy to handle, 15-foot sections of 11/4″ cable to clean 3″ to 8″ (32 m-200 mm) lines to 200 feet (61m).
  • Easy clutch jaw change-out adapts K-1500 to run 15-foot sections of 7/8″ (4.6/22 mm)
  • cable through 2″ to 4″ lines up to 175 feet (50-100 mm, 53 m).
  • Equippedwith 3/4 HP motor; 115V Models.
  • CSA approved.
  • Approved to UL standards (NRTLC).
  • A gasoline engine makes the Model K-1500G well-suited for cleaning lines in remote
  • locations where electrical power is unavailable. Cuts through roots fast.
  • Unique, easy-to-use, instant-acting cable clutch maximizes operator control. Pull down on
  • the handle and the cable spins at 600 RPM. Release handle, cable stops instantly.
  • Comes equipped to use 11/4″ (32 mm) cable to clean 3″ (75 mm) to 10″ (250 mm) lines
  • through 300 feet (92 m).
  • 6 HP gasoline engine drives cable via four-speed transmission. Allows the operator to vary
  • the cable spinning speed to fit the application. Forward speeds of 333, 425 and 500 RPM,
  • and a reverse speed of 250 RPM.
  • Low-profile, four-wheel cart easily rolls to the job. Guards against machine upset and
  • possible fuel spillage.
  • A rugged, compact machine well-suited for straight main line work in municipalities,
  • universities, institutions and industry. Drives sectional sewer rods through long, straight
  • runs of larger diameter pipe – up to 500 feet (150 m).
  • Equipped with a 6 HP gasoline engine and forward/reverse transmission. Rod rotates at
  • 133 RPM in forward and reverse at full throttle.
  • Spring-loaded throttle control is hand operated. Varies rod speed within range. Returns
  • engine speed to idle and disengages clutch when operator releases throttle.
  • Adjustable torque limiter minimizes kinking of rods and excessive torque through
  • transmission system.
  • Large 10″ (250 mm) wheels on frame for optimal transport.
  •  Powerful: Actual working pressure of 1350 psi and flow of 1.4 GPM for fast, effective cleaning of lines.
  • Portable and Compact: The optional H-10 Cart rolls the jetter and hose to the job site. Jetter and hose reel are easily removed from the cart in seconds for hard to reach drainsor remote storage. The compact cart offers a retractable handle and swivel hose reel minimizing storage space.
  • Easy to use: Thrust propels the hose down the line. You simply guide the hose into the drain.
  • High Quality: Duplex pump with corrosion-resistant, forged brass head. New pressure control valve allows quick and easy pressure adjustment.
  • Dependable: Reduced number of fittings, hoses and parts minimizes leaks and down timekeeping you on the job.
  • Versatile: Optional power washer package cleans cables, tools and other heavily soiled quipment.
  • CSA approved.
  • Approved to UL standards (NRTLC).