ARIZONA TOOLS COMPANY is a leading hand tools solution provider.  Our company is based in city of Kolkata, eastern India and supplies across the nation.

Our clients include customers from Defense, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Marine and ship building and various other industries.

Some of the key brands we distribute is:

AQUABOTIX :  The leader in smart technology for underwater vehicles.

BETA TOOLS : Italian excellence in the professional hand tool industry.

EGAMASTER : Specialist in hand tool and safety tool solutions for a wide range of industries.

GEDORE TORQUE : Manufacturer of Torque Tools from Torque Wrenches to Torque Screwdrivers.

GEARENCH : Tool manufacturing for oil and gas drilling and production, refineries, pipeline construction, mining, power generation and more.

MATHEY DEARMAN : The recognized leader in engineering and manufacturing cutting and beveling equipment since 1935.

PROTEM : Manufacturer of portable machining, cutting and welding equipment.

RIDGID : Manufacturer of innovative tools for pipe and plumbing tools.

SAWYER MFG :  Specialised in designing and manufacturingof pipeline equipment and accessories.

SEALIFE UNDERWATER CAMERA: Created underwater cameras, lighting, lenses and accessories.

UNDERWATER KINETICS : Manufacturer of waterproof cases, rugged cases, certified lights and other accessories for the utility, industrial, fire, government & dive industries.

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